Wednesday, December 29, 2010

life at a town-a small story

it used to be school like day for a colleger in economically and educationally backward region, who just plays in the evenings to be relaxed. But things got changed when it was a preparation time for the entrance exams for higher studies. He decides it shouldn't be in the same town which is famous for a spiritual purpose. with aptitude books being used by his friend, he couldn't opt for asking her. He just thinks on the questions given as a model. with just the three days gap between his exams and the entrance, the self-confident guy just been relaxing to be free from the exams, then its the judgment day - he has to write the exam, he came to the city, where he loves to be. Written the exam actually he wrote it for both the options, then left to his home. There he told their parents that it was ok, but he loves to earn rather than going for studies. they didn't yelled anything. But his relatives insisted that there is no need for him to start working now itself, they're telling that he just needs to be good at his studies then he can work. so the work part of his life was kept behind the curtains. Holidays were not enjoyable as just kept roaming here and there. then marks came, good one, really good for his level of commitment he had(?). then he was asked to apply for the top colleges. he did so. He even got one asking him to pay for more then the engineering students would do. So he just didn't went there, then it all came to a day to attend a counseling to get admission. Before that the college that was said by his friends as" we should be lucky to be studying here" has got its doors open for him. He was actually amazed to hear that. He joined there, played surfed living happily
story ends

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