Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BLah Blah blah!-CRICblah

Its not a great period for Indian cricket as it was earlier, the uno ranked team is getting all sort of set backs to get tormented at the hands of the English lions.Whatever the legends or the older ones of cricket are finding for the loss, may it be the amount of cricket they played or the injury or the lack of preparation. lets make an analysis of what could have played a spoilsport behind the media glares and the fame&money they been getting.

First, the main reason for the WC glory could be sub-continent factor, we were not the the best when it comes to seaming wickets and blowing wind. Men in blue were really the tigers when it comes to their own hunting ground, so hunted mercilessly their opponents.
secondly the uno ranking we achieved is because of the laurels created by the greats of the cricket, who were presently part of it too.
keeping in mind of these two factors, lets analyze from a point of a fellow Indian fan who would like to see them Coming out of the Blue to tornish the english reputation.

lets think about the fatigue factor, we can we by this way as we been playing non stop since world cup, ipl, windies , then england, so there was some amount of fatigue caused to the players, but we shouldn't forget that the players have their own rights to opt out of the match including the star-dusted captain. so we can't complain on this side.
If it is said so, then its the wrong decision of board, team to implement a rotation policy.
secondly injury, most of them say injuries are part of life. ofcourse its of part of game to get injured, but opting to play before getting fit is the worst thing of the game. even when the players are not fully fit, how he can be allowed to participate in a test match, that too when he had already opted out of a tour match after having strain or something like that.

Secondly sending a player as a replacement when he hasn't played any form of cricket for some time, just for a solo reason of having performed in those conditions when the team visited previously. then sending a specialist in the other departmernt for an injured specialist of another department.
Thirdly lack of preparation, its been said that we have to play atleast three tour games before a match to adopt to the playing conditions there, remember suffering against newzealand last time in their grounds. only young players are playing tour matches, the playing XI should be playing the matches for sure.
After all these rather than having the board on top of the money makers of the game, try to increase the bench strength and choose players wisely using a rotational policy. Stop playing the politics inside boards, make it under the RTI act. if u say u don't get any funds from government, then don't expect tax benefits for IPL. Arrange for your own security, have a team after something, not on our country. If the team is representing India, then it should under the eyes of the people.let the power be on the hands of politicians or sports governing bodies, what we need is the transparency in each and every matches being conducted, etc. if its a Indian team, then "IT SHOULD BE UNDER RTI ACT".Raise against corruption, save India.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

life at a town-a small story

it used to be school like day for a colleger in economically and educationally backward region, who just plays in the evenings to be relaxed. But things got changed when it was a preparation time for the entrance exams for higher studies. He decides it shouldn't be in the same town which is famous for a spiritual purpose. with aptitude books being used by his friend, he couldn't opt for asking her. He just thinks on the questions given as a model. with just the three days gap between his exams and the entrance, the self-confident guy just been relaxing to be free from the exams, then its the judgment day - he has to write the exam, he came to the city, where he loves to be. Written the exam actually he wrote it for both the options, then left to his home. There he told their parents that it was ok, but he loves to earn rather than going for studies. they didn't yelled anything. But his relatives insisted that there is no need for him to start working now itself, they're telling that he just needs to be good at his studies then he can work. so the work part of his life was kept behind the curtains. Holidays were not enjoyable as just kept roaming here and there. then marks came, good one, really good for his level of commitment he had(?). then he was asked to apply for the top colleges. he did so. He even got one asking him to pay for more then the engineering students would do. So he just didn't went there, then it all came to a day to attend a counseling to get admission. Before that the college that was said by his friends as" we should be lucky to be studying here" has got its doors open for him. He was actually amazed to hear that. He joined there, played surfed living happily
story ends

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

India's search for the next all-rounder

Team India's biggest worry in the world cup would be the spot of an all-rounder.
smash hitting yusuf is not in the picture as he was riding on his sixes sometimes a while. Raveendra jadeja, young lad from saurashtra came into the indian side as an all-rounder(so-called). He was impressive(to be frank) with his left- arm spin in limited overs cricket, to be exact on sub-continent pitches. That too on slow low tracks where there was some turn, with bhajji extracting some bounce, he could slid through some and bag some in the middle order. This has made him to stay on the picture for this while, With infan's good batting and poor bowling making way to this lad being the center of attraction for the whole of India just for his place being gauranteed in the team because of his left arm spin. I really don't remember a single match where he won it for india with his batting, some of it might be because of his left arm in sub-continent. Lets wait for the worse to happen

Monday, May 10, 2010

T20 Fiasco

It couldn't have been a worse more than this for team India. As always Indians are waiting for someone else to clinch the victory and someone else to taste the soil, as they were not in a position to be speaking with their bats or balls. the billions were hoping for a West Indies to lose a match and Australia to win all their matches, so as they could clinch the super-8 spot on the back door. India, the heavy luck riding campaigners were struggling without some experience, especially The Maestro Sachin Tendulkar
. May be he had the option of not to play in a T20( a hitters game, where class or elegance is not a matter)
, but a word from officials from BCCI would make him go at it. That might be the past but dropping inform Irfan Pathan, Uthappa, Sourabh Tiwary,Ambati Rayudu doesn't seems to be a fair selection.
Anyhow we all want India to bring back the cup. lets hope for that to happen.
congrats to Sehwag on becoming a father one more time. We wish Sachin to get well soon.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

the pinnacle of success

India's ride to first place couldn't have ended in a much better way, with sehwag just missing a triple ton which got the comment as they needed to have twenty fielders to stop his batting. the visitors were thrashed to a meagre total. the cool headed captain kept his cool as the srilankan skipper thrown words at him. he said they won't be worried about the past records of indians, they'll only be under pressure in front of the home crowd. great punishment at the hands of indians got by the sri lankans.
it is not a great way to play cricket by words rather than with their words. a series before dhoni commented about sehwag that he hed promised us a lot, but didn't delivered, these thorns stuck up in the heart of sehwag has now became a cap on his success winning both the man of the match as well man of the series. not that alone the team has also reached the first place after 77 years. this is just the team effort that paid off. the toughest thing for dhoni and his boys will be to maintain that position. not just in test cricket, it is going to happen in one-day and t-20 as well.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

the million dollar baby called ipl

ipl, popularly called the million dolllar baby by the media proves to be the backyard of some talent hunt. but the sad thing is all the foreign players are getting starts and they even converts it into big scores. but the players of domestic level doesn't really kicks of until now. when it is introduced by the bcci it said it would turn out to be backyard for some talented youngsters waiting to be selected. after some 10 or so matches played, no one in the indian team has been get going except thye youngsters who had been playing for some years of inter national cricket. players like gautam gambhir and dhoni. our players are already playing lots of matches than any others whwn compared to other players, ofcourse they won't complain as they were getting paid in millions. the fitness of players makes us, the fans of the game to worry.the 20-20 mania has even made the people to think about the pro 40 overs game, which will make the originality of the game to go away. bcci, the greatest player of all cricket associations has to think about the enemity between the cities of the same country. the incident that took place last evening on 25 of april in a match between mumbai indians and kings xi punjab turns out to be a one sided game. at last kings xi punjab won the game. sreesanth of kings xi punjab was celebrating his team's victiory which frustrated the standing captain harbajan singh, who got a first ball duck lbw on infan pathan's bowling slapped sreesanth on his face. sreesanth on on tears, even though harbajan had asked an apology for his action.. he was crying even after his apology on the field. yuvraj singh, the captain of kings xi punjab had filed a complaint against harbajan. he also condemned harbajan's behaviour.
in this country cricket is a religion, bcci shouldn't be playing with the beleifs of millions of people.
ipl has seen many odds so far. sehwag scored a fast and furious 50 in hyderabad, but the people in the stands were not at all seeme to be appreciating his effort. he was frustrated with their behaviour.
ipl, the brain child of I.S.Bindra, must keep its excitement alive to be able to attract more and more crowds to earn billions.

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