Saturday, April 26, 2008

the million dollar baby called ipl

ipl, popularly called the million dolllar baby by the media proves to be the backyard of some talent hunt. but the sad thing is all the foreign players are getting starts and they even converts it into big scores. but the players of domestic level doesn't really kicks of until now. when it is introduced by the bcci it said it would turn out to be backyard for some talented youngsters waiting to be selected. after some 10 or so matches played, no one in the indian team has been get going except thye youngsters who had been playing for some years of inter national cricket. players like gautam gambhir and dhoni. our players are already playing lots of matches than any others whwn compared to other players, ofcourse they won't complain as they were getting paid in millions. the fitness of players makes us, the fans of the game to worry.the 20-20 mania has even made the people to think about the pro 40 overs game, which will make the originality of the game to go away. bcci, the greatest player of all cricket associations has to think about the enemity between the cities of the same country. the incident that took place last evening on 25 of april in a match between mumbai indians and kings xi punjab turns out to be a one sided game. at last kings xi punjab won the game. sreesanth of kings xi punjab was celebrating his team's victiory which frustrated the standing captain harbajan singh, who got a first ball duck lbw on infan pathan's bowling slapped sreesanth on his face. sreesanth on on tears, even though harbajan had asked an apology for his action.. he was crying even after his apology on the field. yuvraj singh, the captain of kings xi punjab had filed a complaint against harbajan. he also condemned harbajan's behaviour.
in this country cricket is a religion, bcci shouldn't be playing with the beleifs of millions of people.
ipl has seen many odds so far. sehwag scored a fast and furious 50 in hyderabad, but the people in the stands were not at all seeme to be appreciating his effort. he was frustrated with their behaviour.
ipl, the brain child of I.S.Bindra, must keep its excitement alive to be able to attract more and more crowds to earn billions.

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